Are You Paris Compliant is a platform to evaluate and track the climate performance of companies. The Paris Compliant Pathways concept was first published in Nature Communications in 2022, which applied the methodology to assess the alignment of a sample of major electric utilities in Australia and a selection of global cement companies. In 2023, this methodology was adapted and extended to fossil fuel producers globally, and published in Nature Climate Change.

Our aim is to expand the scope of geographic and sectoral coverage of companies being evaluated and to continuously improve the efficacy of the reporting and assessment in collaboration with companies and investors.

Paris Compliance relies on two key conditions and two primary operational requirements, as illustrated below:

Compliance Conditions


1) Underlying decarbonisation pathway consistent with “well below 2°C”

2) Base year consistent with underlying pathway and 2015 or prior

Differentiated responsibilities

Operationalisation Requirements

1) Decarbonisation pathway and carbon budget adjust yearly for changes in actual vs projected company variables (e.g. market share for SDA)

2) Re-alignment PCP is defined that corrects for action deficit, so that the company remains within its carbon budget

Additional minor; 3) account for mergers and 4) new companies get time to build up market share

Paris Compliant Pathway

The research is led by Dr. Saphira Rekker at The University of Queensland as part of the Rapid Switch initiative run by Dr. Chris Greig at Princeton University.